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Some frequently asked Questions and Answers.

Question: What service does your studio offer?
Answer: Our studio offers all services related to small business activity, large business, NGOs, NGOs, individuals regarding reporting to tax authorities, municipalities, paying taxes and tracking their financial activity.

Question: What does Studio Curia offer for its services?
Answer: The fees depend on the number of documents and the type of activity.

Question: Why do I need a financial and legal studio?
Answer: To be fair with the state and individuals, customers, and suppliers. Accounting Studio is the legal and fiscal scales for your business activity.

Question: Do you work online, choose a problem without meeting?
Answer: Yes. We keep the secret, charge online with regular tax invoices, and we provide you with any kind of contract or verification against any charges agreed in advance.

Question: Do you make representations to the Court?
Answer: Yes. We provide our service for resolving disputes in the courts with tax authorities, customs and private individuals or private entities.

Question: If a tax audit comes to me, can you represent me?
Answer: Yes, we provide our service for any kind of problem.

Question: What are the legal terms of the declarations?
Answer: They are presented exactly in the tax calendar.

Question: What should I consider to open and close a business?
Answer: For this, read the information on the QKB page or a summary on our site.
Q: How do I contact online with you?
Example: A client has a problem. He has an urgent need to compile an individual job contract. Then, in advance, email is sent to the customer for the contract preparation fee, the number of the contract documents and the main contents of the contract. In this case, the contract contains 8 (eight) sheets and the fee will be 3,000 new lek. If the customer agrees to the tariff, the client sends the tariff fee to the account number. With the passage of the tariff in the bank account of the studio, the client is required to provide the data that will serve for the compilation of the contract. The main data are: Identification card scanning, General knowledge, job position where it will work, description of the job to be performed, who is the employer, his personalities and the subject. The client is then provided with a copy of the online contract and asked if there is any reminder for any of its points. If there is a reminder of their correction and settling, then the client is obliged to come to the contract or send the contract and invoice to the desired location (but adds extra taxi transport).
The payment can also be made with the tax coupon, which in its tariff also includes VAT. In the case of delivery to the contract customer and the bill, the service is deemed terminated. Upon termination of the service, no objection or further renegotiation is accepted. The winner's coupon is described and the type of service performed, together with the 3.000 ALL tariff. (Including VAT)
If the client requests a tax invoice, then he must come to our office to sign the invoice for the total amount of 3.000 Lek new, to which the ticket and the order coupon proving the performance of the service and payment are signed.
So it is acted on different projects, statutes, foundation act, lawsuit, appeals etc.